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Importance of company culture

Work is a big part of our life. We want to be important, fulfilled, happy with our work and who we work with. PROBEGIN has a culture in which we believe in mutual interest. By working in an environment with like-minded individuals, who all have a similar view of life, work and are professionally mature, it helps cultivate an ecosystem where people can be themselves and learn from others.

Not to become better than everybody else, but to contribute and grow as an individual. Cultural values are important to us as it defines  who we work with and how we cooperate with each other. Our culture is built on our company values, which is basically our DNA.

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Bukovel Winter Trip 2019
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Vika human resources recruiter
Human Resources

Working with PROBEGIN

I can say PROBEGIN has a very open, friendly and welcoming team atmosphere. We are a group of highly qualified professionals who always challenge self and others to move, develop further and find unique solutions for each challenge faced. Being HR BP for me it is essential to be a part of environment where key values are not only on words or paper but also practiced in everyday life and so it is here. Our dynamic work path encourages to express self drive and continuous growth. Our family like culture makes you feel like home.

Olenka human resources recruiter
Human Resources

Working with PROBEGIN

The company culture in PROBEGIN is very important for me. It’s great to have team members who are pleasant and friendly to each other, and are both good at and love what they are doing.We feel our voices can be heard and valued. I am happy to work with professionals focused on result and trying to exceed client expectation.

Ira human resources recruiter
Human Resources

Working with PROBEGIN

Two years ago it was a big challenge for me to come into IT sphere and try something new, but now I am happy:). I enjoy every single day at PROBEGIN, with great people and great working environment. For future candidates, I’d say the following – this company’s been started by family people and it really feels like home when I come to work. It always motivates me to give my best efforts.